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        Shandong xin yu geotechnical materials engineering co., LTD. Is the geosynthetic materials designated manufacturers,The national ministry of water resources and water association designated production enterprise,The registered capital2200Ten thousand yuan,Existing staff360People,All kinds of professional and technical personnel68People,Cover an area of an area172m,With advanced computer numerical control production line at home and abroad16The article,It can produce nonwoven fabric、EVAGeomembrane,HDPEThe waterproof board,The composite geomembrane,Composite waterproof board,A variety of geotechnical materials such as plastic blind ditch。
      Company and close to jing-hu expresswa in the west and stone railway interchange,Close to the beijing-fuzhou expressway、The beijing-shanghai high speed railway、104National highway,Jinan airport80Km,Tianjin、Qingdao、Yantai three round port day,Advantageous geographical position,The transportation is convenient。 .......
  • Waterproof geotextile and price
    Waterproof geotextile and price
    "Waterproof geotextile with plastic film as the impervious base material,And non-woven composite of geotechnical impervious material,Its impervious performance mainly depends on the seepage properties of plastic film。At present,Seepage control at home and abroad application of plastic film,There are mainly polyvinyl chloride (PVC)(PVC)"
  • Non-woven geotextile
    Non-woven geotextile
    "Non-woven geotextile(Polyester nonwoven fabric,Non-woven geotextile)Also called geotextiles,It is made of synthetic fiber by acupuncture or the permeability of woven geosynthetic materials。The finished product for cloth,Width is commonly4-6M,Of length50-100M。 Non-woven geotextile"
  • Woven geotextile
    Woven geotextile
    "With high-strength synthetic fiber as the raw material used in industry,The weaving process。 Specifications35--250kn/m Filament woven Geotextile Features of the product High strength:The use of high strength polypropylene used in industry、Polyester、Synthetic fiber as raw materials such as nylon,Has more"
  • Staple fiber geotextile
    Staple fiber geotextile
    "Staple fiber geotextile product details Staple fiber geotextile is polyester staple fiber geotextile acupuncture nonwovens, and one of the types of industrial fabrics。Is to use fiber for the size6-12Denier,Of length54-64mmCurled polyester staple fiber as raw materials。Through the opening of non-woven production equipment,"
  • Woven geotextile
    Woven geotextile
    "Product specifications: 1、Gram weight range:90-400g/?; 2、A wide range:1-6m; 3、Color:According to the customers' requirements(With black、White is given priority to) Product features light weight、High strength、Elongation"
  • Two cloth a membrane(The composite geomembrane)
    Two cloth a membrane(The composite geomembrane)
    "Two cloth one membrane is a kind of composite geomembrane geotechnical materials。 It is mainly used for water conservancy、The traffic、The tunnel、Machine"
  • The composite geomembrane(Two cloth a membrane)
    The composite geomembrane(Two cloth a membrane)
    "1、Compound geomembrane performance The composite geomembrane(Composite impervious membrane)Divided into a cloth a membrane and two membrane,Wide4-6m,For the weight2001500g/Square meters,Tensile、Tear resistance、Bursting of high physical and mechanical performance,Products with high strength,Extension"
  • The composite geomembrane
    The composite geomembrane
    "The composite geomembrane,Widely used in canal seepage control project。In recent years,Geosynthetic materials in civil engineering,Especially in engineering for disaster relief during flood control in a large number of application and its results,Has drawn great attention of the general engineering and technical personnel。The geosynthetic materials"
  • The composite geomembrane
    The composite geomembrane
    "A wide range of applications,Combined with construction practice,Introduction to the application technique of composite geomembrane。 1、Compound geomembrane performance The composite geomembrane(Composite impervious membrane)Divided into a cloth a membrane and two membrane,Wide4-6m,For the weight2001500g/Square meters,Tensile、Tear resistance"
  • Special composite geomembrane decoupling pool
    Special composite geomembrane decoupling pool
    "Special composite geomembrane decoupling pool Product introduction 1、Using the embedded type should be used in:Cover thickness should not be less than30cm。 2、Don't pull too tight when laying,On both ends of the embedded part of soil into corrugated shape is better,Especially when anchoring with rigid material,Should be free"
  • Since the stick type waterproof board
    Since the stick type waterproof board
    "Since the type of waterproof board is mainly used in glue:Earth and rockfill dam、Rockfill dam、Build by laying bricks or stones and rockfill dam、Concrete dam、Tailings dam、Water reservoir、Channel、Liquid storage pool and other projects of seepage control;The subway、The basement and tunnel lining seepage control;Highway railway foundation seepage prevention;Sanitary garbage to fill"
  • Rough waterproof board
    Rough waterproof board
    "Rough waterproof board products Single rough geomembrane、The double rough geomembrane、Column antiskid geomembrane、Leg clamp fixed。 Compared with the traditionalhdpeSmooth geomembrane,The application of rough geomembrane is more and more widely。HDPERough geomembrane mainly be applied to such as keep"
  • The tunnelEVAThe waterproof board
    The tunnelEVAThe waterproof board
    "EVAWhen laying waterproof board, to ensure that the two points: 1.To ensure thatEVAThe quality of waterproof board spreading,First of all to waterproof and stability。Try control fixed point spacing using a ruler measurement,Spacing in control0.3m~0.8m,To increase solid appropriately in uneven places"
  • Condole beltEVAThe waterproof board
    Condole beltEVAThe waterproof board
    "PointEVAThe waterproof board Is composed of multilayer co-extrusion molding anti-seepage film,And adopt high decomposition membersEVACompound sheet、High polymer、Modified asphalt materials for fine,Combined into a new deposit is high quality waterproof function decomposition members waterproofing materials,And"
  • EVAThe waterproof board
    EVAThe waterproof board
    "Waterproof board features To be strong Degrees Under the same gram weight specifications,To tensile strength are higher than other acupuncture non-woven fabrics。 Uv light has a very high uv resistance。 Extremely high temperature resistance high temperature resistant230℃,High temperatures remain complete and original structure"
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